Luftwaffe Simulation Air Combat is an old concept that I had several years ago which was originally setup to bring Luftwaffe Units together to share information and organize themselves into a more viable and effective cyber fighting force.  However with the creation of Staffel 4./JG52 it became apparent that we needed to bring the VVS and Allied units into the fold as well.  One thing we noticed especially here in North America, the ratio between Axis and Allied pilots gave a tremendous advantage to the Axis and created an online battlefront that was not representative of the numbers that had confronted each other on the Eastern Front

For that reason, we decided to help setup and recruit a VVS unit which could utilize our foundation here with the site, communication and dedicated server.  This would enhance the unit and make recruitment more appealing and bring more VVS pilots into the game.  Working with P3zman and his desire to create the 19th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment we decided to take the plunge.  The result was a growing VVS unit with a more stable membership here in the USA and more opportunities to confront one another on an equal playing field.

The 19th branched out on their own and eventually become the Nineteeth and left our focus here of persona based flying and scoring.  

So, we decided to once again branch out and start our own VVS Unit.  The 57.GIAP was created to allow for recruitment of dedicated VVS units in addition to allowing our OKL units to cross over and experience our persona based flying experience from the Russian perspective.  So far, they are a force to be reckoned with, and it is our hope that this unit will grow in membership.

Staffel 4./JG52 has always been our base unit with a staffel size membership goal and a dedicated playing style utilizing the "Dead is Dead" concept of cyber combat.  We balance mission success with pilot survivability simply by requiring our members to restart their historical pilot persona in the event they are KIA during a sanctioned "DID" battle.  In this manner, we bring more excitement and realism to the combat and never settle for a kill to death ratio style of play.  Of course, we also play Tactical Air War as well, but we do not use it as a "DID" arena at this particular time.

As Staffel 4./JG52 began to grow it became apparent that we had too many members and so we decided to establish our Luftwaffe 5./ZG1 heavy fighter unit.  This unit has a separate command structure but comes under the command and control of II /JG52, 4./JG52.  This unit gives us a ready ground attack force to coordinate historical missions on enemy targets, without having to rely on other ZG units, many of which are based outside our main timezone.  

Members are assigned a priority focus on ground attack missions but are also allowed to fly fighter based missions with our fighter unit as well.  In this way, we don't have to turn anyone away that wants to join our unit.  We can simply assign them to the ZG unit and if they so desire, they can transfer into our fighter unit when a vacancy occurs.  

Cyber pilots interested in joining our ranks need only submit an application and we will get back in touch with you as soon as we can....

All in all, we just want to help the online community numbers grow and bring more people into this excellent game.  It really is a beautifully crafted simulation and it's pros far outdistance any cons the game currently exhibits. Let's face it, every combat simulation has it's strengths and weaknesses and this one is no different.